Ddaas is a full service data analytics company.


Ddaas is a data science business, with wide-ranging skills in enterprise architecture, software design, and commercial business, delivering a unique value-added set of data-driven solutions tailored to client requirements. Enabling mid-sized businesses to utilise Enterprise scale data management solutions, at a sensible cost was the key driver to create the Ddaas platform.

Paul Smullen is the founder of Ddaas and has 25 years of experience in the Technology sector working with some of the world's largest organisations on mission critical systems. Paul has extensive experience in enterprise architecture, software development and database design, and a breadth of experience in many industries.

Shane Byrne had a distinguished professional rugby career that included the Irish international team and a British and Irish Lions Tour. Shane is an experienced Managing Director in a variety of industries and provides strong managerial, planning, operational and business development expertise.

Simon Carty has extensive and wide-ranging legal expertise, running his own law firm, and, currently as a partner with Crowley Millar, an international firm based in Dublin, focusing on media and entertainment. Simon is also a member of the production team on Mrs Brown's Boys, a highly successful BBC1 sit-com.


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