At Ddaas we know your data can go a lot further, actually creating a lasting impact on your business.

We bring all of your data together - from internal to cloud systems - for a full analytical view of your business.

We deliver a real solution that works for all your team members and is fully integrated, not isolated.

We manage the tech so you don't have to.

Your vision, re-ignited
Connect Everything
Your data - managed

Ddaas is a data consulting & solutions firm, and our experts cover data science, technology and business. We deliver a suite of technical solutions, including data transformation, integration, automation and data visualization.


Your vision, re-ignited

Our spark service shines a light on your business data, and its relationship with your business to identify inefficiencies and create opportunities which can be a genuine game-changer for your company.

  • Investigation

    Thorough investigation of your data landscape

  • Review

    Review of your people-data relationship

  • Identification

    Identify inefficiencies

  • Opportunities

    Spark opportunities

How we do this

Getting under the skin of the processes and people, and your data landscape, finding fundamentally better ways of addressing the right information to the right people at the right time – always. A smarter use of people and data, and a framework for your business to thrive.


Connect Everything

Your data becoming one with your business, your team and your customers.

With a deep understanding of your business, we join the dots, connecting your business and put your data to work.

  • Clarity

    Bring clarity to your data

  • Touchpoints

    Identify businesses' touchpoints

  • Communication

    A high degree of communication and exchange

  • Insights

    Transform your data into actionable insights

  • Alteration

    Alter the relationship between your data and your business

  • Piecing the puzzle

    Piecing the puzzle - Joining the dots

How we do this

Using our digital modelling and data science skills, coupled with our extensive commercial expertise we implement data-driven approaches to tackling business challenges, enabling groundbreaking insights to be visualised and understood, delivering the best possible outcomes at any given point.


Your data, managed

As the trend of highly visual, on demand data will expand to more traditional industries and smaller companies, having the correct visualisations available on demand, to be used and reused in multiple channels and media of communication is a must.

We create, automate and maintain all of the necessary data flows to provide the right information to the right people at the right time - every day.

  • Simplify

    Find easier ways to surface complicated case data

  • Manage

    Manage cross pollination of data and decision making

  • Discover

    Discovering underlying knowledge and relationships without long training periods

  • Deliver

    Delivering consistency and evolving with your business

How we do this

The Ddaas service provides a much shorter end to end set up time, and this enables us to draw quickly on impactful responses from users, gently tweaking their journey which helps you to discover and be presented with new insights. The outcome is good, speedy, analysis and decision-making.