Transaction Monitoring

Automating transaction monitoring

Ddaas use the data within your systems to identify transactions that require attention. We integrate with your operations and compliance service desks - providing an end to end audit trail of all cases.

Allow your experts to focus on identifying new patterns to track and let us automate the identification of transactions that match known patterns.

We provide executive reports on all activities.

  • Automated Monitoring

    Never miss a case and free up your team at the same time.

  • Reports

    Online reporting capability using industry leading technology.

  • Compliment your team

    We never recommend taking the experts out of the process. We remove repetitive tasks from their workload.

  • Secure & Scaleable

    Our solution utilizes the latest in cloud technology for true scalability and resilience.

  • Baseline, Maintain & Manage

    Baseline rule base from known patterns.

    Training provided to operational teams to ensure cases are being managed correctly with appropriate escalations and audit logs.

    Regular refreshes of the rule engine based on the changing regulatory landscape and operational factors.

    Apply appropriate lessons learned across all operational jurisdictions.

  • Why we are different

    We have a unique Platform and People offering that provides you a bespoke solution with our team time dedicated to you every month. This relieves your internal team of tasks they would prefer not to do and augments your team with our experts for process continuity and support.

  • An extension of your team

    We operate as an extension of your team. We bring the technology and expertise required to strenghten and evolve your compliance function, to protect your customers and your business from money laundering actvities.


Ddaas provide end-to-end support from conception to integration and beyond, ensuring your data is always available when you need it


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