Our Business Intelligence Solutions

  • What is Business Intelligence?

    Business Intelligence (BI) comprises the strategies and technologies used for the data analysis of business information. BI technologies provide historical, current and predictive views of business operations.

    BI Analysis provides most value when the data feeds, aggregations and dashboards creation is automated, thus providing on-going value without manual intervention.

    In traditional terms we create a data warehouse of all of your internal data which brings all of the key data together in one place. We then setup processes to cleanse, augment, join and aggregate the data so that it provides valuable insights and information.

  • How we enable you

    We take data securely by file transfer or APIs. We look for the simplest integration method to satisfy the needs, thus minimizing efforts by your own team. Focus on the first data source to complete a proof of concept, then move on to each other data source identified in the plan until complete. Our team will be with you every step of the way. Once the data is sent to our platform, we take it from there.

  • Why we are different

    We have a unique Platform and People offering that provides you a bespoke solution with our team time dedicated to you every month. This relieves your internal team of tasks they would prefer not to do and augments your team with our experts for delivery continuity and support.

  • The systems view

    This diagram shows a typical scenario. Before we get involved, your business reports and insights are coming from multiple systems, often being collated in Excel by members of staff. This is very time consuming, ineffcient and an error prone process. With our people and platform solution you will have real time insights into your business from all of the data that drives your business.

  • What happens after we get you operational

    We do not walk away and leave you to it. We iterate. We enhance the data feeds, integration and visualisation. We identify new perspectives, new segments, new actions and continuously add new value to your business. Our team works with you long term to provide the advice and changes you need to continuously gain better insights and value from your data.


Ddaas provide end-to-end support from conception to integration and beyond, ensuring your data is always available when you need it