• Real world large scale experience

    Our first client was the national lottery of Kenya and we have grown our client base and expertise to include Lotteries, Sports Betting and online Casino games.

    We have a deep understanding of the omni-channel needs of a gaming business. We have worked on projects utilising mobile wallets, credit card payments and will soon help a client launch a Crypto product.

  • Your analytics journey

    In the gaming industry it is critical to utilize the latest technology to maintain a competitive advantage.

    We bring you on a journey to gain real value from data.

    Most companies operate in an ad-hoc manner with silo system and manual reporting. We bring you from that to Descriptive and Diagnostic analytics and finally enable you to embrace Machine Learning & Artifical Intelligence.

  • Bridging the gap in platforms

    Many gaming businesses offer multiple products in different markets. If you are running multiple platforms, there will be challenges in getting a single customer view or a consolidated view of your business.

    We have real world experience in bringing systems together so you can manage your business with a holistic view. We welcome complex challenges and always deliver value to our gaming clients.

  • Break down silos and join the dots

    Measure all of your business by bringing all systems together.

  • Acquisition and Affiliate measurement

    Measure multiple affiliate programs in one place and compare to other marketing initiatives.

  • Retention Programs

    We automate the segmentation, communication and measurement of marketing campaigns. Formal persona structures. Automated messaging. Deep analytics.

  • Key Metrics

    Cohort analysis, Lifetime Value, Average Revenue Per User. Don't let the multiple platforms running your business stop you growing your business through analytics.

  • Anti-money laundering

    Identify & track cases that require a Know Your Customer check.

  • Secure & Scaleable

    Our solution utilizes the latest in cloud technology for true scalability and resilience.

  • Why we are different

    We have a unique Platform and People offering that provides you a bespoke solution with our team time dedicated to you every month. This relieves your internal team of tasks they would prefer not to do and augments your team with our experts for process continuity and support.

  • An extension of your team

    We operate as an extension of your team. We bring the technology and expertise required to strenghten and evolve your compliance function, to protect your customers and your business from money laundering actvities.


We're ready to discuss how we can help you put your data to work