Logistics & Distribution

  • Join the dots between your siloed systems

    Logistics and distribution businesses are highly complex and competitive. The layers of partnerships and outsourcing means that the data relevant to your business is held within siloed systems.

    We bring the data from all of these systems together so you have a full holistic view.

    Understand what is going on in your business. Every day - in real time.

    Your people will get more from your data in less time. Become a data driven business and gain a competitive edge.

  • Break down silos and join the dots

    Warehousing, transport, GPS and Customer data - together for a single source of truth.

  • Order to Delivery Visibility

    Automated reports and Business Intelligence analytics that provide full supply chain and order-to-delivery visibility.

  • Sales Intake & Margin

    Automated real-time reporting and insights to sales intake and margin. Time series analysis comparing Month-on-month and Quarter-on-Quarter

  • Warehouse Reporting

    Stock on hand, Putaway reporting, Pick & Pack volume and time reporting and Inventory accuracy are just some of the reporting capabilities we can provide.

  • People Efficiencies

    Less time creating reports - more time analysing data.

  • Secure & Scaleable

    Our solution utilizes the latest in cloud technology for true scalability and resilience.

  • Ddaas - The Difference

    • Unique Platform and People
    • A truly bespoke solution
    • Team time dedicated to you each month
    • We manage your data so you don't have to


We're ready to discuss how we can help you put your data to work