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Why Partner with Ddaas?

Ddaas are a specialist technology company that focus on data warehouse automation, ETL and Business Intelligence visualisation.
Ddaas are a Microsoft Partner and run on Azure in a true elastic model.
We offer the technology and people to fully deliver and manage a client's Data Warehousing and Business intelligence needs.

  • Yes, but why Partner?

    If you are a provider of other technology services (but not data warehousing or business intelligence), you can present a full solution to your client's needs without your client having to go to market to find a second supplier. By diluting the engagement with your client, you risk another provider coming in with a complete offering.

  • Yes, but why Ddaas?

    Ddaas are a Microsoft Partner with clients in many industries and countries. We bring real experience to every project and we have a proven process to get projects up and running in weeks and not months.

    We will invest in pre-sales activities with you. We will work with your sales team and solution architects to fully inform them of our offering.

    We offer you and your clients a flexible commercial model that best suits their Capital and Operational Expenditure management needs.

    We plug in very efficiently to your systems and other systems your client runs to provide them with a central Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence soluiton.

    We stay involved by enhancing the solution on an on-going basis so it remains relevant and valuable.

  • Oh, and what's in it for me?

    Our partnership model has a number of benefits.

    • You own more of your client's landscape without the need for an internal team
    • We pay you a revenue share for the entire lifetime of the client engagement - not just an intro fee.
    • We can white label our services to enhance your product offering.
    • We cross refer clients to our partners - because we only do what we do and nothing else.

Ok, I get it. How do I sell Ddaas services?

Drop us a line and we will have a chat and get you onboarded as a Partner. We can provide specific go-to-market materials that suit your target clients.

If a prospect or client asks about database reporting, data warehousing, business intelligence or any related data management requirements, get in touch.

Email or Call us anytime.