Public Sector

  • Cloud Data Strategy

    Moving applications and data to the cloud is a big step for the public sector. Whilst most organisations have begun the journey, it is always wise to continuously assess your position and roadmap for the future.

    The technical landscape changes rapidly. The technical offerings on cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, evolves continuously. We can help you navigate this and advise on what products and services best suit your organisation and how best to position yourself for future adoption.

  • Technical Resources

    We are an approved government supplier under the Digital Outcomes & Specialists program.

  • Break down silos and join the dots

    Measure all of your data by bringing all systems together.

  • Legacy System Integration

    Integrate your legacy system to a common central data warehouse.

  • People

    We can provide technical team members on a consulting basis or on-site long term.

  • Secure & Scaleable

    Our solution utilizes the latest in cloud technology for true scalability and resilience.

  • Why we are different

    We have a unique Platform and People offering that provides you a bespoke solution with our team time dedicated to you every month. This relieves your internal team of tasks they would prefer not to do and augments your team with our experts for process continuity and support.

  • An extension of your team

    We operate as an extension of your team. We bring the technology and expertise required to strenghten and evolve your compliance function, to protect your customers and your business from money laundering actvities.


We're ready to discuss how we can help you put your data to work